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The Garage has been featured in Las Vegas Weekly

10 Bars We Love, Where the newsroom goes to grab a drink

The newest-and maybe best-gay bar in town, The Garage has a relaxed atmosphere and is a gay bar without trying to be. There are comfortable booths, pool tables, dartboards and shuffleboard, and full pints of mixed drinks cost as much as most bars chage for glassses half the size. They also change the smoke filters every month, so you can get in and out wthout smelling like an ashtray. -Dave Mondt, designer/copy editor, Las Vegas Sun

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The Garage has been featured in Las Vegas CityLife Magazine.

The gays have already made newcomer The Garage part of its barhopping circuit

For all that we gays bemoan the queer scene in Las Vegas, we often forget how spoiled we are in the nightlife and bar department. We're not united about much, sadly, but we frequent our watering holes -- especially since, even sadder, they're the only gathering spots we can call our own. By our count, Sin City has 15 of them, a large number for a city of our size and suburban nature. And if those drinkeries didn't give us enough options on any given night, another has recently opened. Judging by its immediate reception, it has not only quickly worked its way into the gay bar crawl experience, but manages to fill a void in that circuit.

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  • The finished bar
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Enjoy ANY drink 2-for-1
everyday from 11AM-7PM.


  • Mondays $5.50 Absolut Cocktails & Shots
  • Tuesdays $4 Fireball Shots
  • Wednesdays $6 Jack Daniel's
  • Thursdays $3 Off Top Shelf Liquor
  • Fridays $4 Cherry/Jäger Bombs
  • Saturdays $5 Long Island Iced Teas
  • Sundays $5 1800 Silver Shots

    First Saturday of each Month
    Check Social Media for
    this month's theme • 9pm-1am


    Go-Go Boys • Live DJ
    Every Fourth Saturday
    starting 9pm


    • $4 well drinks
    • $9/$13 Beer Bust

    Every Saturday 8PM-11PM

    Beer Bust
    $9 domestic/$13 import beer bust every Monday & Wednesday 9PM-Midnight, Sunday from 5PM-9PM

    Saturday Beer Bust
    $9 domestic/$13 beer bust & every Saturday 8PM-11PM

    Late Night Beer Bust
    $9 domestic/$13 Late Sunday night (early Monday morning)/late Tuesday night (early Wednesday morning) 1AM-4AM.

    Liquor Bust
    Every Tuesday and Sunday $15 well/$23 premium cocktails from 9PM-Midnight

    Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7PM and 9PM. Compete locally and nationally to win prizes.

    Music Videos - We play your requests
    Come watch and request the hottest music videos every Sunday, Monday & Wednesday night from 9PM-Midnight. Select from 1000's of music videos.

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